Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shotgun Shell & Wine Cork Christmas Trees! 3-D ART

For Shotgun shell tree examples keep scrolling.

Birdseye view of ribbon
So stinkin' cute!

Work in progress...

Close up of work in progress!
Look at those details being added!


Small Tree

Looking a little like Whoville, but I love is glued to a melted baby food jar!
I bet Cyndi Lou Who would like it a lot!
Some added color to create emphasis!
Another baby food jar that is used for a base. We melted those in ceramic kiln at cone 017
So simple but so neat!
So, are ya motivated now and want to make one?


How this lesson came to be...Well, I had printed out something that I found on Pinterest.....IMAGINE that?!?! A student, we shall call her, SB, (I do love this 8th grader) sees the photo that I had pinned from Pinterest and printed out. SB says..."Mrs. Daniel, I really want to make those wine cork trees". I say..."SB I can only collect so many wine corks my dear and we need enough for the whole class". {Insert...sarcastic look here =) } Well, SB says "OK" and she prances off in her merry ole' 8th grade way. Wouldn't ya know it...the next time I had SB in 3D art she walks into class and says..."look what I have and whatever your lesson plan is today we have to change it to make these trees!" {Insert HUGE art teacher SMILE here} Guess what I did. I said  - "do ya have enough for the whole class". SB is like..."DUH, of course I do". So, hence the wine cork lesson takes off and turned out to be a huge success. Then I had a student that didn't want to use the wine corks. He wanted to use the shotgun I figure...just roll with it...the art students are engaged and wanting to make this stuff...what more could I ask for, right? LOVE it! This is why I teach....
What do you need for the lesson?
Shotgun shells
LOTS of wine corks
E6000 glue (ew.ew.ew. PU this stuff stinks!)
Ribbon- we used wire ribbon
A base of some sort...we used a variety of things in our art room
Acrylic Paint
Paint brushes
You get the idea?
I call glitter UNICORN POOP...we could have used some of that too...but we seem to be out of it in my art room these days...'Tis the SEASON!
Just had to me some SB and I sure do give these trees a big ole' 2 thumbs up!
Oh happy Day...

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