Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Hermit Crabs-Kandi, Piet, Vince, Keith, and Jack

What art teacher likes dull?  Well, I sure do not.  As I sat at my desk yesterday, I glanced to look at my 4 new hermit crabs moving around in their home.  I thought, "Dog, those shells sure are dull."  So, I decided to get a paint brush and a little paint.  Once I got started, I just could not stop.  All artists have been there.  Do not deny it.

Here is the beginning of the project.  Of course, white was just a base coat.  Yes, I found the white to be a little dull, too.  So I began exploring other options.

Crab #1-I thought about Wassily Kandinsky's circles.  Painting circles on a moving hermit crab seemed fairly easy.  Kandi is just loving his colorful circles donning his new paint job.

Crab #2-I thought about Piet Mondrian's squares.  Painting lines on a moving crab seemed fairly easy.  Piet is "tickled pink" with his new "coat" of paint.

Crab #3-I thought, "Dog, I am tired of painting these moving crabs."  So, I asked my art teacher friend, Laura Harrison, to put some paint on #3.  When she returned with a Keith Haring painting on the crab's shell, I just fell in love with #3.  Unfortunately, a little white paint got on Keith's claw.  When I tried wiping the paint off with a washcloth, Keith would jump back in his shell.  I guess he is a little skittish about baths. Keith is going with the white  "tattoo" on the claw look.

As Laura left my classroom, I asked her did she have any suggestions for Crab #4.  She said that I had to do Vincent Van Gogh.  I said, "Nope.  Not doing that."  Then, I googled Van Gogh and saw Starry Night.  I decided that painting Starry Night seemed kind of easy.  So, Crab #4 soon became Vince.

 Crab #5-By this point, I could not take the tedious so I chose to use Jackson Pollock's abstract drip/splatter method.  I splattered my sink, my hand, the wall, and yes, the shell.  (DC stands for Diet Coke.  Note to self on hand with sharpie because I was totally out of my fav soft drink.)  Crab #5 was quite small so I opted to name the crab "Jack" for short.

Crab makes me think of lobster.  Not just any lobster, but R O C K   L O B S T E R!


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