Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, May 17, 2021

Farm and Fig .... it is all about the logo - Culinary Arts!


Well, 1969's daughter just finished her under grad degree from Rhodes College and graduated over the weekend. In planning for this event, we thought we would have it catered. You know, with a pandemic and Memphis having several graduations going on...this was our best option. We began (me and left brain...dear husband)  our search about a month or so ago. If y'all follow the blog, you know I can be a little "Chevy Chasey" with some hippy hippy townie in me. So, I find the Farm and Fig. I loved the logo. Yes, this is how I buy wine. I love logos. I'm like this is it. This is the one. We can talk to 3 places but I am telling you Dino is going to be the one! I am an art teacher by trade of 31 years. (School's almost out make that 32 years) I am a daughter of a printer. Yes, my dad, owned Taylor County Printing Company. Yup, this was way before Kinkos. So, I think I really like to pay attention to the color schemes, fonts and logos of all things. Logo below....

Crazy enough, we call them and the owner is Dino. He is a native of Memphis and just a way super cool kind of guy! Me and 1965 all had something in common with Dino - our love for Dr. Martens! Learn more about him here:  

Taken from his Website above:

Humble Beginnings 

In 2018 the opportunity came up to take over an existing Catering Business. After a lot of thought and consideration the families Grisanti and  Henley decided to go for it. Thus, Farm and Fig was born. The name plays homage to the Grisanti Italian background. Figs are grown in Italy and many other countries on the Mediterranean. The “Farm” is symbolic of the Urban Farms at the Grisanti and Henley homes. The Grisanti family have chickens that provide an abundance of fresh eggs. They also have rabbits and of course a few “barn” cats on their property in midtown Memphis. The Henley's  have a small brood of hens and have gardens filled with herbs and vegetables. The “Farm” also pays homage to  Great Aunt Louise and Uncle Andy who lived and worked on a farm. Growing up they spent many hours playing on the farm with cows, goats, chickens and many other birds and of course eating Aunt Louise’s food.

You can’t mention food in Memphis without hearing the Grisanti name. Dino’s great grandfather Ettore Grisanti was born to Eustaganio Grisanti and Crolinda Andreuccetti in Valdottovo Italy on January 19th 1893. On January 31, 1910 with $68 in his pocket Ettore immigrated to Memphis to join his two brothers and sister.  His son, Dino Joseph carried on the tradition after he  was discharged from the army in 1945. He returned to Memphis and entered the restaurant business with his step-father Frank and his brother Frank Jr. They operated the State Cafe at Beale Street and Main until 1972 when the building housing the restaurant was slated to be demolished.

We hope to continue the legacy of making good food to be enjoyed with good fellowship. La Dolce Vita!
Okay moving forward. I am going to post the pics from after graduation for you to get a feel on how it was all done.
As we are in Florida, Dino helped us figure out the tent, chairs and tables. Amazing...and so easy.

Dino above with Left Brain Husband....

After our friends and family left, we had a few special neighbors drop by for a cupcake!


Here are the 3 roommate graduates. They all are going on to do some form of graduate work. They have lived together for 3 years. I am glad we were able to end this chapter on a wonderful afternoon with the Farm and Fig!

Did I mention the one above is a huge FOODIE? So, I can see her bending Dino's ear for future events.

Ok, so this happened too.... We have friends from Tally that were in town participating in Memphis in May. See here for those details: With everything that I had going on, I didn't even think about getting tickets for Friday. I just kept saying we were going to drop by on Friday to see them and eat some BBQ. 

These 2 are like soul sistahs forealz! Heard it was delicious...
Learn more about Josh here: Political spin doctor Josh Cooper eyes fifth barbecue contest title

Well, guess were sold out! I did not panic. Husband texted Dino and he said he would be our personal chef for that night. Oh My blunder was a blessing! Pics and details below!

Would I recommend Farm and Fig - ABSOLUTELY! These photos, I snagged off of their Facebook page.

And that is a wrap folks! A good time was had by all. Will we visit their store next time in Memphis?...Ummm...You Betcha!
Because of this....Rhodes Graduation we found Farm and Fig!

Yes, the family all enjoyed graduation but the added bonus for them was they got to be a part of the Farm and Fig experience too! So Thanks to all at Farm and Fig who made our experience exceptional!

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