Monday, May 10, 2021

Blowing UP Kids' Minds with Symmetry and Butterflies!


These butterflies were done by third grade.  I really liked the colors a lot!  The kids were a little concerned when I began talking math, but they went along with my crazy.  

How did this go down?

First, I showed What is Symmetry Video
Once we got thru the math lesson, I showed the kids a video on How to Paint a Butterfly

They watched.
They learned.
They did!

We used black acrylic paint to make the butterfly because tempera smeared.
Also, we used liquid watercolors from Blick because they are rockin'.


Man, it's almost 🏖summer and I am about ready to fly away with these butterflies.
Y'all hang in there because COOL is coming...Cool 🍹 Drinks...Cool Dips 🏊 in the Pool...and Coolin' it with NO ALARM 🕓 CLOCK!

💗, 1965

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