Monday, December 3, 2018

Big Bend Habitat For Humanity Festival of Trees (Klimt Style)

It is a tradition with the Maclay Visual Arts Teachers to participate in the Big Bend Habitat for Humanity Festival of Trees. This year our theme was Gustav Klimt. Each division made ornaments to decorate the white tree. We will be posting several times on this subject so you can see how we collaboratively created this unit / theme filled tree for a good cause.
Middle School made clay square ornaments with texture by using the slab roller and rubber stamps. We used spray paint on the bisqued pieces. Added ribbon to them for a final touch before adding them to the tree.

Upper School Graphics class made the 3D tree topper which was really cool. They just printed a famous Klimt piece to add to the top.
Details of the ornaments on the tree. We displayed it in our front office for a week before we took it to the event to be auctioned off. You can find more details here at the link below:

We used other Klimt Art lessons and photographed them printed them wallet size. We used a laminator to make them sturdy then added wire, beads and ribbon to connect them to the tree.

Lots of kids helped get this tree decorated and complete. We left it up for 2 weeks as the process was getting finished. Early art finishers would lend a helping hand to complete the tree before delivery.

Art Lessons on Klimt throughout last year to help celebrate Maclay turning 50 and support our Holocaust Remembrance Showcase:

Other Links to our Festival of Trees:

Are you playing your holiday music yet? You better bet we are!

2 soul sisters always loved the Flintstones growing up!

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