Monday, April 23, 2018

Maclay Visual Arts Participates In The Holocaust Remembrance Event On Campus (Getting Ready)

How can art help us remember the Holocaust? Check out this link: Art is meant to make you feel something. Think about that for just a second. This year on our campus is the first Holocaust Remembrance Day Showcase. The Maclay Visual Arts chose to participate by showing The Woman In Gold and discussing the Klimt paintings. Art class can be very laid back with lots of side conversations in the classroom. This is a great way to discuss many aspects of the Holocaust and relate it to art and eMpathy. Our overall theme for the Visual Arts this year was to work eMpathy into each of our lessons as best we could. See the link below to see our vision on eMpathy:

We will do several blog post over the next few days to share with you how we participated in this event on campus. Stay tuned for more information and visuals.

Upper School Art with Ms. Maurey created these Klimt inspired paintings to share at our COTA event and for the Holocaust Remembrance Show.

Here is a powerful link to art from the Holocaust:
This link has many teacher resources for art:
Artists responses to the Holocaust:
Recovering stolen art from the Holocaust:
Learning about art through the Holocaust:
Middle School Art collaborated with 6th grade and Visual Arts Teachers to cover Klimt and introduce the Holocaust in class. See the links below for more details:

Lower School Art created WINGS for our Celebration of the Arts. Link below:
They are now hung in the lower school commons for the Showcase.

Upper School Art with Ms. Dressel created low fire relief projects in Klimt style and were adorned with acrylic paints. They also made Klimt Trees using the mud listed below.

Have you seen the movie? We did....amazing.

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