Thursday, October 5, 2017

These Scarecrows Were a BIG SCORE!

The first graders were so proud of their Scarecrows!  Would you believe that these Scarecrows were made from just stuff sitting around the art room?  Sure, they were kind of labor intense for me, but I think the results were worth it.  Don't let the intense labor, SCARE you away!

The first graders sponged on blue liquid watercolor.
The kids painted coffee filters brown with liquid watercolor.  After the filters were dry, they drew faces with markers.
I cut the paper bag.
I hot glued the coffee filter on the bag.
 Then, I drizzled hot glue down on the blue paper.  I placed the straw on the blue paper.
 I smashed the hat down on the straw.
The kids made hats  and decorated them!  
Have a peek! 👀
Here's Roy with "Running Scared".


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