Monday, October 16, 2017

Halloween Silhouette in the style of Michael Prosper

Have you ever heard of Michael Prosper? If not check out the link below.

Michael Prosper Bio: A little bit about me. I am a self taught artist who was born and raised in London England but now live in Florida. My love and passion for art began back in the 70's. As a child vacationing on the south coast of England, I would ride my bike to a small lagoon with clay lined banks. Clay perfect for sculpting! My creative juices started flowing and I was hooked. Currently, I sculpt and paint in my studio, with the cat and dog curled up at my feet. I love to paint nature with a little twist of abstract. My wife and I like dragonflies so you will see some every now and then in my work. As a freelance artist I truly appreciate all of my loyal customers and I look forward to being able to offer you more interesting pieces art to add to your collection! I am always the happiest when I'm at home in my studio, I have to keep an eye on the Rag doll Kitten as he will have his paws in the paint in a blink of an eye, I love to listing to music when I'm painting so ill have Pandora radio playing, Danny Elfman music or Liquid mind, some days Pink Floyd. I enjoy making the mini videos of how I created the painting. Many of you have emailed me asking me to do a how to video so I will give that a try so so please stay tuned.

How did we make this super cool cat?
We used 9x12 white paper
Picked a color that we could add white to and discussed - Value
Figured out what out silhouette figure was going to be
Drew it on lightly
Added black paint for the finishing touch.

And with it being Halloween month - I couldn't resists this video clip!I do love me some Hocus Pocus!

Since Danny Elfman is one of Prosper's favorite things to listen too...take a listen!

And I will leave you with this song, so now you can JUMP IN THE LINE and work on your value paintings...1969

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