Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Burgers for Your EYES ONLY!

Oh, what a fun project!  The kids had a blast making burgers.  Although they look good enough to eat, they are for your 👀 ONLY!


The best way to approach this project is piece by piece.  
1-We made the buns.  The kids poked the buns with toothpicks.
2-The kids made the burger.  They used a stencil to put a pattern on the burger.
3-The kids made lettuce.
4-The kids made a tomato.  They pressed their thumbs into the tomato.  The tomatoes looked more like tomatoes with thumb prints.
5-The kids made cheese.
6-The kids made pickles.
7-We let them dry.
8-I fired them.
9-The kids painted with acrylic.

Have a bite!

Back to the 70s with Little Feat and "Hamburger Midnight".


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