Friday, October 20, 2017

Designing a Silk Scarf

This was a first for me in art club. I think the results are turning out amazing. Have you ever created on silk before? If so, comment below. I would love to see your finished pieces.
It all started with a classroom set.

 Here is the link to order:

 Sax Create-A-Scarf Classroom Program uses the simplest of processes and initiates students to create beautiful and sophisticated-looking silk scarves. There are many sources students may draw on for their designs which can be traced onto the scarf with Sakura IDENTI-pens. Program include twelve 8 x 54 inch silk scarves, five 10-color sets of Crayola Fabric markers, 8 Sakura IDENTI-pens, twelve 6 inch embroidery hoops, a lesson plan guide with step-by-step instructions which are sufficient for 12 students

Other links for ideas on creating silk scarves:

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