Friday, September 30, 2016

Cartooning Around in 2-Point Perspective and a Little Howard Finster Folk Art

Don't you just love Jessie from Toy Story?  She is one of my favorites.  This cool watercolor painting is also one of my favorites.  The details are pretty amazing.
So how did this project come to be?  Well, I just happened to see this picture hanging in my house.  I thought that it would make a good project for 8th grade.  I was interested in incorporating some two point perspective in the 8th Grade project.   Also, I always like to talk about Georgia folk artist, Howard Finster.  Click HERE for more posts on Howard Finster.  I chose to focus on two point perspective rather than the folk art aspect..
I spent a few days reviewing two point perspective.

I explained to the students that we were not doing a folk art lesson, but we were focusing on an idea similar to the one that Howard Finster had in his Mickey Mouse painting.  I did require them to do at least one building in two point perspective. 

The students picked out a cartoon character for their painting.
I had them get the landscape drawn.
Then, they traced their cartoon character on the light table.
Just to switch things up, we painted with watercolor.  I think acrylic would have been a better choice.

Here are the results.

I found this tidbit of information interesting.  Keith Haring, famous pop artist, was known for visiting Howard Finster's Paradise Garden often to get inspiration.  He gave Howard the sculpture below.  Look closely at the bottom of the sculpture.  It appears to be a collaborative piece with Finster's Coke bottles on the bottom.
Here is a great video discussing Howard Finster and his art.  Thanks to Dan Traveling for sharing on YouTube.  In the video, you will see the Keith Haring sculpture at 3:59.