Wednesday, September 28, 2016

7th Grade INSPIRED by Tim and Lisa Kluttz

Tim and Lisa Kluttz are a husband/wife team of artists.  Recently, we posted on the Kluttz couple.  For a look, click here. (Tim and Lisa Kluttz)

I gave the middle school (7th grade) students some examples of Tim and Lisa Kluttz artwork.
The kids drew their ideas with a pencil.
Then, they painted with acrylic paint.
Once the paint dried, the kids outlined their work with a sharpie.

As you can see, some of the students used the Kluttz examples, but they put their own twist on their piece of artwork.

Nice job, 7th Grade!  There are some exceptional artists in this group of kids. 

Patience.  It is hard for middle school to have it with their artwork.  It's hard for adults to have it with their "lifework". 
Here's The Lumineers "Patience," off their new album, Cleopatra (2016).  Short song, but I like it because I have been know to be impatient with songs.  The kids beg, "Let it play, Mrs. Ray."


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