Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Holton Rower Paint Pour

Holton Rower is Alexander Calder's grandson.  If that is not cool enough for you, go check out his art out at Holton Rower website.  Paint pouring is so fun.  The process and the results are truly amazing.

Here is an example of a middle school paint pour.

Show the video below.

 Get a piece of canvas board.
The students used a hot glue to build up the board with foamboard.  We "lightly spray painted" our sculptures.  I would suggest using spray paint made for plastic.  Some of the spray paint that we used ate through the foamboard.

Once you get the base painted, it's time to pour paint.  I would recommend using latex paint from a gallon bucket.  These paints poured freely and were very effective.  The acrylic paint from the arts supply store was too thick.  Whatever you do, DO NOT use tempera.  The tempera will crack and your paint pour product will not be as cool.
Look at some of the results!

Here is the sculpture right after the paint pour.

Here is the sculpture after about 5 days of drying.  The sculpture peeled right off the blue tarp.  The kids really enjoyed peeling their paint pour art.

As you can see below, the spray paint had a harsh effect on this sculpture. I think it is still pretty cool, but just one of the surprises of a project.


Here is a quick aftermath of the Holton Rower Paint Pour.

Great project, folks!  Give it a try!


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