Wednesday, March 9, 2016

8th Grade "Claes Oldenburg Style" Shish Kabobs

The Claes Oldenburg Project
We have posted on Claes Oldenburg before on the blog.  Click HERE for link. 
This project was quite involved.  The kids were given the choice of what to make on their shish kabob.  As you can see, some were more adventurous than others. 
The Details-
We discussed Claes Oldenburg a bit. 
The students used newspaper, masking tape, and watered-down glue to make the sculptures.  (this took about a week)
The kids painted their shish kabob paper maché foods.  (this took several days)
The kids jabbed their objects with dowels.
Then, we came up with a restaurant name and a shish kabob menu.  The menu displayed a funny name for each kid's kabob and the ingredients.
We cut some large plates and out of the Styrofoam Insulation. (about 1/2" inch thick-Get from Lowe's)

We painted the plates.
We jabbed the shish kabobs into the plates.
And then, we set up our café!
Have a look!

Emily's doughnut, lollipop, and ice cream cone were sweet!
Colby's sandwich was for the diet conscious.
Hunter's burger was bigger than McDonald's Big Mac!
Okay, so you saw this song coming.  Here is Jimmy Buffet singing "Cheeseburger in Paradise."


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