Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Rainstick Craft

I did this project with Journey Off the Map 2015 Bible School.  The ages were pre-k thru 5th grade.  For pre-k thru kindergarten, you will need to get the majority of the project done.  The kids will only be decorating the rainstick.  The 1st-5th grade kids will be able to put the project together and then, decorate.  Here is a link for purchasing the rainsticks rainstick link.  I would suggest making adjustments to the directions.  I chose to use Duck Tape to put on the ends of the tubes instead of gluing cardboard (Who comes up with directions for these kits?  These folks certainly do not have an art background.)  Also, the beads in the kit are not big enough to easily slide on the help. 
Use Duck Tape to tape the cardboard circle to the bottom of the tube.
Put the beads in the tube.
Duck Tape the other cardboard circle to the other bottom of the tube. 
Kids can use duck tape to decorate and tape the feathers to the hemp.
Kids can use the brown paper provided with the kit to decorate.
This craft will take at least 30 minutes, but you could use up to an hour to complete.
Lots of options.


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