Friday, July 17, 2015

The Art Room Hand Jive-Hand/Arm Print

Easy "hands-on" (bahahahahahahaha) lesson.  Kids feel no pressure when they are just tracing their hand.  So, stress free and complaint free for the art teacher!

Kids trace their hands.
Kids write things about themselves on their hands.  This was a bit stressful for my fifth grade students.  When you use a sharpie, it is permanent.  Of course, the kids are "putting themselves" a wee bit out there.  Oh, but sooooooo good for them.
Kids watercolor their art.

 Ending with Danny and Sandy doing the "Hand Jive" in the movie Grease in 1978.
John Travolta took the dance moves 'to the max'.
Want to read John Travolta's bio?  John Travolta's Biography
He actually took dance lessons from Gene Kelly's brother.
Guess that explains this....................


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