Friday, June 19, 2015

Mosiac Project for Elementary Kids

So, you think mosaic is too hard for your elementary aged kids (1st-5th)?  Trust me, mosaic is sooooooooo not too hard for these kids. 
The Mosaic Project:
1-Get some cheap frames from The Dollar Tree.
2-Print out some outlines of things for kids' mosaics and put  the pictures inside the frames.
3-Put a nice selection of beads on the table.
4-Kids put little squirts of glue at a time, add beads.  Add more glue, then more beads.  Make sure they add only small amounts of glue.
5-Lie flat to dry.
6-Spray with polyurethane.

Oh yeah, one kid wanted to do the Eiffel Tower.  I googled "Eiffel Tower Clipart" and up popped an image that was perfect for the project.  This amazing first grader made the way cool Eiffel Tower below.
Cute video for kids below with Brak singing about beans.  Tried to find a better quality.  But, oh wells.  You don't always get what you want............


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