Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pattie Maney, Local Tallahassee Artist (Animal Portrait Painting)

Have you ever heard of Pattie Maney? If not, click here to learn more from her website! I met Pattie briefly in Apalachicola during Spring Break. We purchased a lab print from her that looks just like our lab Roy.

Pattie’s formal training came through Florida State University and Arizona State University, culminating in a Masters in Fine Arts with a specialization in sculpture from the University of Wisconsin. While living in San Francisco, she learned it was much easier for galleries to give up precious space for paintings rather than space-hogging sculptures, so she gravitated to acrylics.
We looked at Pattie's work in class via social media and discussed animals. How to draw and paint them. We used 12 x 18 paper, tempera, acrylic and watercolor paints. Basically, several of our "Pattie Maney" Style animals were mixed media. I think they all turned out super cool.

Love doing unit studies of our local artists here in Tallahassee!
Enjoy, 1969

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