Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Camp Twin Lakes

Note:  I know this is an ART blog, but I just had to share a post about a cool camp in Rutledge, GA.  One thing for sure, there is hidden ART everywhere!
Here is the OFFICIAL Welcome from my daughter, Callie Ray

Like this cool Mosaic Sign-ART!
The wagon train waiting for upcoming campers
Callie Ray welcoming visitors to the office

The Camp Twin Lakes Office Building
The Official Visitor pass that Callie gave all her family members

Playground in front of the Media Center
The Empty Lunchroom
Love these rocking chairs outside the lodge rooms.
Very True ART
Sign ART
Callie providing the family with a walking tour of the camp

According to Callie, some SCAD students did these two totem poles

The letters on each sign are actually
ceramic and are made by the campers-ART
The tower is for all the climbers.
A pretty amazing ropes course for campers here
Smile ART!
The giant swing was cool.
The lake area-a different view
Solar Panels
What would a camp be without bugs?
Coolest Tree House Ever
A composting potty?  Nice!
Sundial for the scientifically inclined
Tie Dye Sheets-ART
Home of the many Talent Shows
In this building, kids were given the opportunity to interview some of the Georgia Bulldog Football team.
A friendly fellow in the recording studio.
The ART home
ART Camp Counselor Dream room
A Tie Dye Room to Die For-ART
A Library with books and DRUMS??
Quick Drum Lesson by Callie below

More encouraging ART for all
A Cool Pool
Throw clay on one of the four wheels and FIRE IT UP!-ART
Recycling Clay.  These folks think of everything.
This is the shape of the recycled clay

These are letters that are used on signs all over the camp-ART

The Campers' Home Away from Home
The above ART is so very true for many of Camp Twin Lakes Campers

Tennis, anyone?

Callie, the archery instructor
What ARTist does this remind you of, fellow art people?
Answer: Jasper Johns from Augusta, GA!
Brother Rob flexing the muscles.
Ella aiming for the yellow.
Callie's competitive dad attempting to hit the center.
Take me out to the ballgame!
Camp Twin Lakes even has a farm!
A crashed John Deere
Farmer Brown ART
Callie's parents attempting to re-create Grant Wood's American Gothic.  No pitchfork was available so a shovel had to suffice.
The Bike Shop
A Dasani Tower
Thanks to Camp Twin Lakes for inviting Callie to be a part of their Summer 2015 program.  Camp Twin Lakes claims that the camp is "life changing" for campers.  As a mother of a counselor, I believe the Camp Twin Lakes to be "life changing" for counselors, too. 

For more info on Camp Twin Lakes, Click HERE!

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