Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Take Me Home, Country Roads

During my fifth graders last year in elementary school, I wanted to introduce them to the T-square and perspective drawing.  As many of you know, a T-square is a very interesting object to kids.  They think it is a baseball bat, a hammer, or even a hacking tool.  So, I talked a little about the usefulness of the T-square.  Then, I explained to the kids that we would be using the T-square to make a perspective drawing.  Before I could hear sighs of fear and dread, I told the kids that we would be drawing country road scenes.  Bam!  Kids could relate to country roads.  Many of them drive down them every day.  We live in a rural area and country roads are a dime a dozen.  So, here we go.

Talk about perspective.
Get kids to draw a dirt road with trees and flowers surrounding the road.
Kids use oil pastels to outline.
Kids use watercolor to fill in and finish the painting.
The project took 3 (45 minute) class periods.
The results were pretty good. 

Throwing it back to John Denver and Take Me Home, Country Roads

Throwing it forward to Mike Doughty's version of Take Me Home, Country Roads
Mike is an interesting dude-Mike Info

And now back to Olivia Newton-John


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