Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ice Cream, Tom Hanks, and Shimmy, Shimmy Ko Ko Pop

Third Grade makes Ice Cream even Ben and Jerry would envy!
(2 class period project)
Color the background.  We used colored pencils and mostly circles.
Then, we took cardboard triangles and colored them with oil pastel to give the cone a texture.
Kids decorated with whatever we could find.  We used tissue paper, pom poms, pipe cleaners, and paper. 
Also, the kids used a glue gun on LOW HEAT to glue this project together.  Yes, they were third graders.  Yes, most of the kids had never used a glue gun.  Yes, many said my mom does not let me use the glue gun.  I said, "We have special glue guns that have a low heat setting.  We can so do this." And we did....See below.

Tom Hanks?
Well, I remembered the song from the movie Big that he sang: 
The space goes...
down down baby, down down the roller coaster.
Sweet sweet baby, sweet sweet don't let me go.
shimmy shimmy ko ko pop, shimmy shimmy rock,
shimmy shimmy ko ko pop, shimmy shimmy rock
I met a girlfriend- a triscuit,
she said a triscuit-a biscuit,
ice cream soda pop
vanilla on the top
oooo Shalida, walking down the street,
ten times a week
I meant it. I said it.
I stole my mama's credit.
I'm cool. I'm hot.
Sock you in the stomach three more times.

Here is another cool clip of Tom Hanks talking a little bit about himself as an actor.

So where did Shimmy, Shimmy Ko Ko Pop originate?  Little Anthony and the Imperials!
Way throwwwwwwwwback!  Check out Dick Clark in the beginning of the clip.  The Dick Clark Show (also known as Dick Clark's Saturday Night Beechnut Show) was an American musical variety show broadcast weekly in the United States on the ABC television network 7:30-8 PM on Saturdays from February 15, 1958 through September 10, 1960, sponsored by Beechnut Gum, of course. 


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  1. I am going to tackle this project without the hot glue guns as none of mine have the low heat setting. Anyone out there have any good advice on putting these together with good old Elmers Glue? Thanks! Also, what size paper did you use for the background?