Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2 Creatively Clever ways to ask someone to a Sadie Hawkin's Dance & Homecoming

1969's daughter has an artsy flair to her also. Here she created a fish in the style of Holly Christine
The paper is a map of Lake Seminole
The chalk board effect was achieved with a white gel pen
He said, "YES"
Gift Proposal came with a fishing themed shirt from The Southern Shirt Company
Due to the life of a teen in the 21st century that plays club volleyball with an in town tournament, we had to give options for that night as not knowing what time the tournament would be over =)
It worked for them!

Do you know how LUCKY I'd be if you would go to Homecoming with me?
She said, "YES"
Way sweet sign with rose, balloons and a Pandora charm. she is the lucky girl!
I know we Googled different ways to ask someone to dances and such, so I decided to post what we did in hopes it will help spur along some creativity for someone else in the future!

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