Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stamped Ceramic Bowls

Kids smushed clay into Styrofoam bowls.
Kids stamped clay with rubber stamps.  (I had a request for a horse stamp.  I did not have one.  So heads up for all you teachers with horse lovers.  Get a horse stamp!)
We let the bowls sit for a week.

We fired the bowls.
Kids glazed fired bowls.
(Notice how I covered JJ's bottom with construction paper?  I covered all the bowls with construction paper because first graders would have glazed the bottom.  If I had a stilt warehouse close to the school campus, I would let the kids glaze the bottom.) 
Then, we Fired it UP, one last time.  When I fire up the kiln, I always yell "Fire it Up" and think of this song by Modest Mouse:

Finished product. 
Easy beginning clay project for first graders.


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