Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Popsicle thoughts...
This project is so simple, but the following cool things happened during the art activity.
  1. I gave directions and the kids listened.  Well, most of the kids listened.  The kids that did not listen, they drew all over the white paper.  Oops.  Guess what?  Their classmates helped them and with a little eraser, all was good.  I never said a word.  This is the stuff that makes your heart go boom boom with happiness.
  2. Kids got to choose what color of paper they wanted.
  3. Kids had to decide on the size of the popsicle.   I intentionally gave them 12 x 18 construction paper.  I wanted them to have to use their brains to analyze how to not only make the popsicle shape, but decide how large or small the popsicle would be.
  4. Kids decided where to bite a chunk out of their popsicle.  We used the zig zag scissors for this.  The kids love zig zag scissors. 
  5. I wanted to use dots.  I do not know why, but I had poured paint and had the dot sponges ready for some paint action. Honestly, I could not decide where to put the dots.  So, I just ask my friendly first graders and they said they wanted dots on the popsicles.  Wallaaaaa!  Need to ask the people at http://www.popsicle.com/ about a new popsicle with dots because you never know until you ask-
The Non-Vanilla Popsicles


Nothing Vanilla about my kid's popsicles!  They certainly did collaborate...and somewhat listen.
But, from the words of Vanilla Ice,
"Yo, VIP, let's kick it!

Ice Ice Baby, Ice Ice Baby

All right stop, Collaborate and listen"


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