Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hey Stella!

Are you thinking, Hey Stella?
If you listen to this video for 4 seconds, you will hear Marlon Brando saying, "Hey Stella!"

Here is the on screen artist, Marlon Brando, in his prime.
What about the visual art because this is an art ed blog, right?
Well, this post is about Frank Stella.
So, Frank Stella is a cool artist to study.
Here is Frank Stella in his prime with his
I R R E G U L A R  P O L Y G O N S!
Get 4 foot x 8 foot foam boards from Lowe's/Home Depot in the insulation department.
I used a Mr. Twister Electric Fish cutter knife and sawed of a lot of pieces for the kids to paint.  There was definitely a little prep work for the art teacher.
I showed the video below.

The kids painted.
The kids glued with a hot glue gun.
I gave them a guidelines on size and color.
The kids signed their name with a silver sharpie.
The art sculptures are pretty large.
I plan on hanging the sculptures from the ceiling in the middle school.
Eight grade will be leaving their mark!



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