Friday, March 6, 2015

Painted Canoe - School Auction

So, have we mentioned that we come from an Artsy Fartsy Family?
Well, 1965 and I both are and our kids are pretty Artsy too!
Maclay Middle School Art Classes painted this canoe for the Southern Soiree Auction.
We had it donated by the Kirby's  ( Thank ya!)
Took it home. Pressure washed it.
Hand sanded it with rough sand paper.
Painted with  waterproof primer.
Took to classroom. (Thanks dear HuSbAnD)
Had kids use the Rust-oleum paint to create the tie dye effect.
Let dry.
Cleaned up with Acetone.
Used Teak Oil on seats
Let dry.
Delivered to Maclay's Advancement Office and it is awaiting being auctioned off on March 28!
Easy project. Kids loved it. It is definitely a conversation piece =)
Can't wait to see how much it sells for...
I really love my job, where else can you go home and say you painted a canoe for fun at work?
PS: Got the original idea from my Dad and my niece...Thanks Bobo and Callie for the inspiration!