Monday, January 10, 2011

Folk Art Christmas Gift by Miz Thang in Hawkinsville, GA

Christmas giving is always fun with my sister. Sometimes we make stuff like the hanging art below that says, "It Is What It Is". Why did I make this? Well, my sister loves this saying so much!

and she gave me this...

So, this year, my sister and I were too busy to make gifts for each other, so we decided to buy some art instead. We both like folk art, but I didn't want anything too fancy or traditional. I remembered hearing about an artist named Miz Thang a few years ago, so I went to her website, but couldn't email her. So, I found her Facebook page and sent her a friend request. After she accepted, I messaged her asking if I could buy a piece of her art for my sister's Christmas gift. My sister loves Etta James, so I wanted to get her something special.
I also asked if I could come down to Hawkinsville and pick up the artwork. She was so kind and said yes to both requests. So, I grabbed my daughter (because she loves art too) and hit the road to Hawkinsville. When we arrived, we saw Miz Thang's version of a U-Haul, and we were absolutely mesmerized by its coolness. I mean, Miz Thang could have had this parked in her driveway!

Look what we saw!

What an awesome experience! It was a big surprise bumping into my third-grade student and his family at Miz Thang's house. We were invited in, and it was so cool to see all her amazing artwork. Miz Thang and her family even treated us to some tasty snacks. Her art and her house were super cool, with funky paintings everywhere, even on the ceilings!

My student and his sister knew a lot about Miz Thang and her art, so it was fun learning from them. Miz Thang was nice about letting us take Etta to Tallahassee. We said our goodbyes and hit the road, feeling happy and grateful for the cool memories and the art we got.

Here's a picture of Miz Thang with her artwork.

When I left Miz Thang, I was very happy because I had completed my Christmas shopping!



  1. WOOOOOHOOOOO! It's a long time since July to song:-D!
    I have always wanted to meet Miz Thang! Next time take me with. Wonderful post, and glad you are back! 'Bout time!
    Love the Ga National Fair flower line...LOL! Hope we can drag out this snow day into 2. Vicki

  2. Welcome back to blog world - I've missed reading you because it's always so much fun. Keep posting, and get your sister back on board too!

  3. artteachergirl...we can get u introduced to miz thang....and phyl...glad to be back...enjoy posting art and life...

  4. Miz Thang's email is now working. If you want to contact her go to:


  5. well thanks kathlene...everbody needs to contact miz thang and buy her art!