Sunday, January 16, 2011

it iced in georgia last week...hey it looked like snow, we made snowmen!

by karen #1965 third grade teacher so you see we got some ice last week and missed 2 days of school...folks in the north like to make fun of us when we totally shut down because of the weather...but hey folks...let me tell u something...we are not used to this weather...we do not have the big machines that de-ice and clear the roads...there is no need for them...we don't get snow and ice but every few why would we spend money on these big machines.?.and people working the big machines don't know what they are doing so that doesn't help either...and then we sure don't know how to drive in snowy and icy weather...we just don't get practice with snow and ice driving much around here...and u all know that practice makes if u live in the south and u get wind that snow and ice are coming, u go to the grocery store and stock up...cause u know that if it snows u will be stuck at ur house for at least a day and u will need a weeks worth of groceries for that one southerners snow is like free disney world falling from the sky..........................get this...if snow is forecast, there is one teacher than i know that will tell her kids to sleep with their pajamas inside out so it will snow...i don't understand the reasoning behind this, but i do understand that it actually worked last week....
so...we get back on wednesday...and the week is we had to make some snowmen to i gave them the basic pattern...cause i just didn't wanna deal with having 2 inch snowmen and 18 inch snowmen...have u folks that do art with kids ever noticed this...???...if u give some kids a piece of 11x17 paper, they will use only 2 inches of it...and a 2 inch snowman was not going to look good hanging from the i gave them a basic pattern...and they did the rest...also, i just gotta say...i HATE this saying when i hear it...i turn lime green when i hear it...i feel veins popping outta my toes when i hear it...know what it is...? soon as i say it teachers reading this are gonna say....YEAH...I KNOW...when these 2 words enter the ears of a teacher they cause rage that cannot be controlled by what are the words???....they are I'M DONE!...and they are always said by the kid that needs to be not done because when he or she gets done they are an immediate behavior problem and go around and cause confusion all over the room wreaking havoc...and they always say I'M DONE so anyway........................

the they are...cute...cute...cute...
here we go...drawing our hats...

here they are coming together...

here is my room when this is going on and the principal came in and admired the mess....what the heck else is she gonna do...?

here is _ _ _ _ _ _'_ version of bob marley does _ _ _ _ _ _ even know about bob marley? i have cool mama and daddy parents or what?

and here is a creative kid's superhero version...even has a!

and what about this...???...cracks me is what i see...

so i see these 2 snowmen coming my way with these 2 bffs and i say to them..."what the heck is that?"...and one of the little girls speak up and say u said they were going to be hanging from the ceiling so i decided if mine was going to be hanging from the ceiling it should have wings and i just about thot that was the coolest thing ever cause i just love little brains thinking and making things that have twisted and pushed the activity to the sky (i would say out of the box but out of the box is so overused it is just not a creative way of saying it and i don't like the saying since everybody else says it) makes me just smile inside when kids impress me with their creativity...and they all got it...but they won't all find it...and some that find it won't keep it...cause they won't use it and if u don't use it...u can't grow it...

so here is another cutie...this child wanted to know if she had to have legs like everybody else...i said certainly not....

so this is how it went...we had looked like we made snowmen...or i guess i should say "icemen"...

Vanilla Ice, 1990

Ice ice baby vanilla
Ice ice baby (oh-oh) vanilla
Ice ice baby vanilla
Ice ice baby vanilla ice
Yo man let's get out of here
Word to your mother
Ice ice baby too cold
Ice ice baby too cold too cold 
Ice ice baby too cold too cold
Ice ice baby

happy january 16, 2011!


  1. Very cute! You can tell you're not in snow country, or your students would know:
    1)snowmen don't have legs.
    2)snowmen usually are made with 3 balls of snow.
    Ha ha - don't be offended, I'm just having fun here, since we have enough snow for plenty of real snowmen outside. Your kids' snowmen are adorable - so much personality!

  2. ur funny phyl!...LOL!....thanks for stoppin' by!