Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sonia Delaunay's Sails Get Sticky with Rubber Cement

Well this project turned out pretty cute, but let me tell you, it just about did me in.  It was not the project so much as this art educator's choice of art supplies for the activity.  For some reason, I temporarily lost my mind and thought that it would be a good idea for first grade to use rubber cement.  All I can say to justify such a bad decision is that the end of school is near and I am not running on all cylinders at this point.
Anyway, I did love how the little sailboats turned out.  Have a look- 
Week 1:  We looked at Sonia Delaunay's sailboat for inspiration.
I told the first graders that Sonia Delaunay was a fashion designer, theatre designer, and a painter.  Also, I told them that she was married to a famous French artist named Robert.
Kids painted the background waves like Sonia's waves with blue tempera paint.

Week 2:  Kids cut scrap painted paper to make boats.  They glued the boats with
Rubber Cement.
They also glued their shoes to floor.  Oh yes, the shoes were literally sticking to the floor.  Kids found this very entertaining.  My little friend, Jon Jon, was a bit concerned with the rubber cement that was sticking the hairs on his elbow together.  I had to rub that arm gently and talk pleasantries to get his mind off the real item at hand...HIS ELBOW HAIRS could possibly be glued together forever!
Fun project for the kids, but a boat in a thunderstorm in a big ocean for the teacher. 
My casbah got rocked by using rubber cement with first grade.  Never again, I tell you.
Here's The Clash with "Rock the Casbah".


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