Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

License Plate Art (Maclay Auction)

We saw a cool photo of a clay license plate. Looked at it and tried to figure out how to make it. Red Clay that is low fire worked the best for us. It had more grit in it.
We used the slab roller to roll out the impression of the clay. We flattened the clay then put down a smooth layer of saran wrap then license plate on top. The waiting on them to get leather hard was forever. Had to watch closely because we didn't want any cracks to occur.
We rolled it. It took several times to figure out the thickness. Be sure to make the words the correct way or otherwise they will be backwards.
White clay doesn't work very well.
Fired at 04 on slow from bone dry to bisque.
We used low fire Underglaze. Using a sponge was crucial in getting the washed effect.
 2nd firing was 06 on fast mode.
Took out glazed with clear coat (3) coats
Put back in kiln at 06 on fast.
We chose to use 2 colors of glazes, blue and green.
Can't wait to see how these will sell at out auction. They look awesome. 
For more information about our Maclay Auction see link below:

- 1969

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