Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Claes Oldenburg

Talked about Claes Oldenburg
Showed some pics of his big food sculptures
Gave kids 18 x 24 paper to draw a big circle
Kids drew circle and cut plate
Most kids used watercolor pencils to design plate
Kids glued plate to 18 x 24 paper
Kids cut pictures out of an old 1970 cookbook and glued around the plate
Kids made various foods out of smashed newspaper and painted it (used glue guns to get the object shaped like food)
Kids made a fork out of cardboard.
Kids made a knife out of plaster wrap.
Kids made a spoon out of roof flashing.
Hot glued all the objects on the paper.

Guess what food...
pizza, pickle, and burger!

 hotdog...this person is on a diet!

 bacon, lettuce, and tomato and doritos!

 bacon and toast with grape jelly!

 pancakes with butter and syrup! (asparagus and carrots are pics from cookbook)

 pretzel, breadstick, and fries!


pizza, chocolate chip cookie, and a piece of lettuce with a tomato!

sandwich, doritos, and chocolate chip cookie!

This project took about 7 or 8 class periods to complete.

The kids just "ate the project" up...haha.

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