Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Do you have a Chevy Chase in your family and a painted Canoe? (Is the Chevy Chase factor the "CREATIVE" Gene?)

Hello All on this wonderful Good Friday! I bet yall are wondering about the Title of  this post...well, you see - My Dad really is like a Chevy Chase - Side story - the link to Chevy Chase's name is a YouTube video from The Christmas Vacation movie. When we were growing up we had to have the big Christmas trees in our house. We all loved it and they were fun to decorate, but Bobo would tie them through the window to the outside shubbery! Ponder that will ya. Ha- I got another side story...Bobo's mom was named Marion (it was really Elizabeth, but she didn't like that name and changed it to Marion....I know right! Who does that?) We called her Mama Marion. She loved her a good Christmas tree. She would just nail the sucker to the wood floor and when it was time for the tree to come up. Do you know what she would do? She would put a rug over the nailed spots on the floor. I am not kidding folks! I could write a book about stuff  like this....those of you that know our family really well. You know I speak the truth!  So is that a gene that is passed on that CREATIVE CHAOS gene?

This morning, Mom and I left 1965's son and my daughter with Bobo (our Dad) and we went into town to get a gift card for Mr. Left Brain's B-day (Yeah baby, he is turning the big 42!). Ok, so it is all good and no worries. The kids are 11 and 13 years old and both are really good swimmers. Mom and I went on our merry way. Well, when we drove up at the lake house...I was like what in the world is goin' see...the kids decided that they would paint the canoe! No suprise there....kinda all about making memories! Can you see it?..well, it is a bit Howard Finster-y Folk Arty. All I know is we drove up and everyone is like who is on the pontoon boat. Hello ???? - someone (not to name anyone's name, Bobo) forgot to tie it up tight and it was floating off in the lake and no one was on it.
Mary Frances and Rob to the rescue...they set sail in the Folk Art Canoe that was barely dry and paddled on out to rescue the pontoon boat! Let me tell you this was quite funny to watch from the bank of the lake! Early this moring the kids were with Bobo fishing on it. Guess who goes with them...yep, a cat named Katie. It is Preacher Man Phil's cat. Preacher Man lives next door to Bobo and GA. We like Preacher Man Phil - he is good to all of us and we know he prays for us because of all of the weird-o things that seem to happen here on the lake with the Chevy Chase like stories.We all love Katie too. Can you see her on the front of the boat in the photo below?  She is hilarious. She loves the dock and the boat. Side story #3, if ya wanna good sermon go hear Preacher Man Phil. He preaches at Sandy Valley Baptist Church in Warner Robins, GA.

Now, this pontoon boat is a bit folk arty in itself. We call it "Tiffany"...because the color looks like a Tifftany's box.  Duh.  It has a nice tiffany blue coat of paint and about 6 funky colored chairs on it. They have been doing some fishing and cruising all day! These are my favorite chairs. You can buy them at Ace or Publix.

I forgot to mention that when we drove up - we saw a little chaos but all we could hear blaring was the oldie but goodie albums...I think ELVIS was playing. You see 2 Soul Sisters have moved on to the Ipods and Itunes, but not Bobo. He still likes his old records and the kids shake rattle and roll along with him, so it is all good!

How do you paint your dock if you are Chevy Chase aka Bobo? You get Katie Cat, 1969's daughter, a boat and a paint brush! We have had a very creative day today out at the lake!
This sunshine is on Bobo's Canoe at the front of their house! I would like to leave you all with this thought...a little Creativity and Chaos are good for the soul! Try it - it is like a dose of sunshine runnin' through your veins making ya SMILE! C-ya later, Kim 1969

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