Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, April 1, 2010

didn't know peace could be so interesting...

by karen #1965 third grade!...i could write about peace for a week...first...let me tell you what got me thinking about see, me and #1969 decided to make and give each other something for Christmas...well, this was long before we thot about this anyway...i spent many, many hours...and much time...making my #1969 sis a cool piece of said, "it is what it is" (maybe she will post it one day so you can see the hours and hours of hard work i put into this loving gift..bahahaha!)...cause she loves that anyway...she gives me this...
this is actually cut out of a top of a 55 gallon metal barrel that looked like this...
and the back looked like this...

anyway...#1969 sister "claimed" that she didn't have time to paint she says..."it is the do it yourself creative present"...i say..."yeah, whatever"...

i got going on this thing cause of know...Jesus is "The Prince of Peace" started thinking...and "re-googling" (same as researching...just thru google search engine)... & i found some things about Jesus and peace...

  Jesus in His last discourse with His disciples before His crucifixion said to them, "Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid" (John 14:27). How is it that Jesus could give His disciples "peace" when He was about to suffer on Calvary and His disciples would soon go through the worst experience of their lives up to that time?
Just three days later, at evening on the day of His resurrection, Jesus came and stood in the midst of His disciples and said to them, "Peace be with you.-- Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord" (John 20:19, 20).

folks...getting peace is the is easy in the smooth times...but keeping the peace when war is impending...that is where you truly prove your prove it to yourself...and others see it by your actions and reactions...
------------- what about peace symbols?

the anti-nuclear emblem or the peace sign is one of the
most widely known symbols in the world.
it was invented on the request of lord bertrand russel,
head of the british ‘campaign for nuclear disarmament’
or CDN

from a design point of view, it is interesting to note that
the original sketches are preserved at the school of
peace studies, at the bradford university.
they show a symbol that stood for ‘the death of man
and the unborn child’ and that symbol was designed
from the naval code of semaphore - the code letters
for N and D (nuclear disarmament).
N is two flags, arms downstretched at a forty-five degree
angle, and D is two flags, one arm straight up and one
straight down. the ends of the ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ thicken
and splay out noticeably as they approach the circumference.
the circle itself was thick - the thickening itself has two versions:
in one, all the straight strokes are thickened;
in the other, only those in the lower half of the circle.
it is said, that the reason for the symbol being upside
down (D over N) is that semaphore is a military code and
upside down symbolizes ‘anti-military’.

there have been claims that the symbol has older,
occult or anti-Christian associations and that it
was a ‘symbol of death’.
this fifth century illustration depicts st.peter crucified
upside-down. the inverted crucifix was known for
centuries as the‘nero cross’ from the roman reign
of the emperor nero (54-68 A.D.)
in the middle ages the ‘nero cross’ was adapted
in satanists rituals.
it can also be seen as composed of a tyr rune,
or by the rune, turned upside down
(in german ‘todesrune’/ the rune of death.)


one of the most recognized symbols of peace is the dove.
its origins are from the story of noah and the ark.
when the rains that flooded the earth stopped pouring
down, noah sent out various birds to see if they would
bring back any sign of land to his boat.
he was anxious to begin life again on dry pasturage.
one dove eventually returned carrying an olive branch...
after world war II pablo picasso
(hey ya'll, it always goes back to art!),
was responsible for
the decisive use of the dove of peace. his lithograph
designed for the international peace congress in paris,
1949, features the white ancestor of a new family of
doves. since then, graphic artists have produced an
endless series of doves of peace in different shapes.
and more art!
origami crane...
within asia the white crane is the bird of peace.
originally it was the sort of peace that comes with
prosperity and friendship, such that war is not even
considered. the crane took on even greater significance
as a peace symbol within japan right after the bombings
of hiroshima and nagasaki. in 1955 an eleven year old
japanese girl named sadako sasaki was diagnosed
with leukemia from exposure to nuclear radiation.she heard that if she folded a thousand paper cranes,
she would be granted a wish. so she began folding one
crane after another, wishing for a well body within a world
of peace. sadly, she died within the year, but her story went
out to the people of the world....
all i gotta say is richard nixon...
check it out..

here is richard with elvis...random...i love elvis, tho.

one more...

this rainbow flag originated in italy and is
emblazoned in bold with the italian word PACE,
meaning ‘peace’.
it became popular with the ‘pace da tutti i balconi’ /
peace from every balcony campaign in 2002,
started as a protest against the impending war in iraq.
‘peace from every balcony’ is an effort to get people
to show their opposition to war in general and
specifically italian participation in the US military
campaign against iraq.
oh my little post-it readers...did i forget a side story...NO, of course not! you see, one day i was in the lunchroom at school...and one of my former students came over...his name is me some leyton...and leyton say, "look, mrs. 1965, a peace sign!"..all the kids gather around and i take a onion ring peace sign and a very observant kid...

extra cool, huh?
Happy April 1, 2010!....april fools day...LOL!
guess where the peace art that #1969 gave me came from...
look below...

hey praying folks...pray for the haiti folks...
they need it...and they need...


  1. Peace is a gift,
    It is a gift we give to ourselves,
    And then to each other.

  2. oh true...if we all got it...and gave it...all would be peaceful..

  3. So, 1965...pretty good post! I'm in town at our parental units lake house....wanna get together for some creative adventure?????

  4. I've read that the Nixon "peace" sign was actually "V" for vitory

  5. Victory* sheesh, sry