Tuesday, February 23, 2021

School Mural

At my school, going to the restroom is now a colorful and uplifting experience.  I had a hankering to paint ONE mural.  Well, instead of one large painting with one quote, I did about 29 small paintings.  Sometimes things don't go as planned...

Girls these days need something to think about other than how many likes they got on their Instagram post.

☝  Some days it is hard to do just one of these, much less 7.  Every single one of these is something I feel matters in life.  My Mama taught me a lot of these things.  She is a good mama.

☝ Uh, mind your own business.  If you are like me, I have to daily ask myself, "Am I staying in my lane?"  Think before you go whacko on someone.

☝ I do.  

☝ Sometimes it is easy to be passive aggressive and do something.  If it is not because your heart is leading you to do it, well don't do it.  Do what you feel is right.

☝ Your point of view is not the only point of view.  Elvis sang a song about walking a mile in his shoes.  Man, you just don't know where other folks have been or what they have seen.  Give them grace.  Love them where they are.  Don't judge.  Judgin' just ain't nice.

☝ You really do.

☝ I have never been a princess.  I am a Tomboy that loves sports and superheros.  There is nothing wrong with a princess though.

☝ Yes!  You gotta do the work.  My daddy taught me and the other Soul Sister the importance of working hard.  It is good to work, folks.  When you put forth all your effort, you really feel some satisfaction because you know you put it all out there.  

☝ Peace.  Peace just feels good.  

☝ ...because someone is prolly looking.  

☝ This one, well it is one that I often deal with in my own life.  I can't ever remember exactly what was said, but I can remember how I felt from many years ago.  It is a thing.  So, watch it and stay cool with folks.

☝ They do.

☝ Keep yourself out of the dark side.  It isn't a happy place.

☝ Be strong.  Stand your ground.  


☝ Jesus is Love.  Love is Good.

☝ I liked this quote because I really don't thing people change.  You meet them.  Them make a good first impression.  You get to know them better and find out they are just not nice.  Watch out for those Happy Masks!  They could be misleading.

☝ I tell you.  I always go back to this if I am struggling with something.  If it doesn't feel right, it prolly isn't.  Enough said.

☝ It is.  Find folks with this trait.  You will have a lot more fun and see a lot more things.  Also, you will have a lot less drama.  Drama is a fun sucker.

☝ Hello Kitty is just a classic...

☝ Elvis bought his employees necklaces that had TCB on them.  TCB=Taking Care of Business.  

☝ I teach.  If I am dull, the greatest lesson in the world will flop.

☝ My friend, Lea, she found this quote.  It is her to a "T".  I like it, too.  Be kind.

☝ Kids constantly say, "I tried." 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑  I hate it.

☝ It is all good.  It may be a challenge, but you are here getting to do it.  So, that's good.

☝ I can't tell you how many times my dad did crazy fun things for people when we were growing up.  He would pull up to a house, we would run the surprise up to the door step.  He would pull off quietly so no one would know.  Then, he would deny if when he was asked about it.  This was some good learning for the Soul Sisters back in the 1970s.  He's in his 70s and he's still doing it.  Good stuff.

☝ Yes!  Think!

☝A Salt-N-Pepa "Push It" Twist

☝ If you don't, you go bye bye.

☝ Got tired and did a filler!

☝ Yep, from the movie The Help!  I could say lots about this, but I won't.  

☝ Hearts are always good.

Well, I honestly do not know why in the world I did this mural.  It was just one of those things that kept pushing itself into my head.  Finally it pushed so hard, it came out.  

I like it.
I hope all the girls do, too.

πŸ’“, 1965

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