Saturday, February 27, 2021

Paper Towel Roll Photography, Digital Learning or Hybrid Classes

Have you noticed that most all students are interested in digital "cell" phone photography? Well, I have and I decided to tie the Clyde Butcher lesson found here with a quick lesson on photography for middle schoolers. One of the videos that I showed them was this one:
We took a paper towel roll and started taking photos through it. Then someone rolled up colored paper and did the same idea. Results were pretty cool! They just kept experimenting with them and put some on digital apps to alter. Here are a few of the results. Enjoy - hope it inspires you a bit too!

This was taken at the beach this summer by me as we were just goofing off...who knew that I would end up using this an a reference to one of my art lessons this year!
Some 8th grade students playing with the lesson - inside and outside gave very different results!


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