Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, March 30, 2020

Happy ONE Year ANNIVERSARY, Rob and Anna!

Oh what a HAPPY day!

Last March 30, 2019, my sweet son got married to the best gal ever!  The wedding was so amazing!  The day was filled with love, family, and close friends.  

Throwing it back to one year ago today!  

the special things

the dress

the future mrs. ray

the bridesmaids getting ready for the big day

the bridesmaids


the groomsmen with ethan and luke

rob and dad

rob and wade

rob and conner

rob and cam

rob and luke (anna's brother)

rob and tucker

rob and deal

rob and chase

rob wearing the tie that he informed me he needed 2 days before the weeding

rob in his thursday boot company boots

rob thinking 

coffee prize for the guests courtesy of mrs. beth cleveland

wedding art on site

the cross before the wind picked up

rob and his good buddy, steve

anna's mom and brother

1965 and mr. ray

anna's grandfather and grandmother
The Bobo

Anna and her dad

the ceremony

wade singing and playing the guitar

the chords

prayer time

and you may kiss the bride!


anna's family

anna's parents

the wedding party siblings

anna and her cousins

1969 and her family

"weezer" aka mama ray and bobo


rob needs a comb

that moment that you know that the new bride is going to fit right in with your family

rob's pecan wood ring and anna's ring that was my great aunt's ring
rob's cousins

ethan and luke

larry and adrienne enjoying coffee after wedding

kids at the wedding

lisa and john
callie and lallie...bffs forever!

reception time!

the big barn was amazing wedding location
Walnut Hill Farm in Dalton, Georgia



where do i sit?

hike, hike!


callie and john travolta

a jan mccord fender pic cake

a jan mccord guitar cookie

mrs. beth cleveland's morning by morning coffee company coffee station

oops, forgot to sign the guitar

i taught rob how to cut a cake

look at lallie!  she was rob's uber after callie went to college
the mom and son dance

the worm

sweet sydney and wade

robert and traci boogie down

adrienne's sexy pose

surprised?  happy?  


where did bobo get the hat?

dip smooch

bye anna, i love you!

And now...Rob and Anna are on the path and discovering life together one step at a time.


And Frank sings it BEST!


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