Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Distance Learning Week 1 (Choice Board Option of Outdoor Art James Brunt)

Who would have thought that year 29 of teaching art.... I would be figuring out Distance Learning! Once I got my head wrapped around the ins and outs of this process, I was able to proceed. But, It is because I have an online PLN of Art Teachers that are willing to share. Have you ever heard of James Brunt? James Brunt  is an artist that spends his creative time arranging natural objects into stunning mandalas, and then he leaves them for you to find . You want to give it a try? Would love to see your out of the box thinking. 

Resources for James Brunt:

 I cannot take credit to the above idea. I am in a Facebook group for Art Teachers and this was an idea posted. I have saved so many documents over the last few weeks on my social media. I just know I am blessed to work in a profession where Art Teachers SHARE!!!! So, here is a shout out to 
Abigail Lynn, Pammy Sue Pry and Ms Potters Art - y'all helped me wrap my head around Distance Learning Week 1. Thank you =)

Sorry I have been out of the loop with the blog the past 3 weeks, but I think I am back now...
Stay tuned for more Distance Learning!

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