Monday, April 16, 2018

Finn, Callie, and Eddie

Meet Finn.  Who is Finn?  Finn belongs to Zoe.  Zoe's boyfriend, Max, asked my daughter, Callie, to paint Finn.  They are all in medical school together.  I suppose word got around that Callie was a pretty good artist.

Well, here is how the project went down.  Max gave Callie this picture of Finn.  

Callie went and got some paint at the local art supply store.

Callie began texting her Mom (me) with her progress.  

Well, that's the end of the textversation.

Here is a quick rundown of the progression of Finn.

Fun stuff, huh?  To think that a gal in medical school makes time to paint some art for some friends.  You art teachers gotta love this!

Guess what??!?

You gotta love Callie, too!
Today's Callie's birthday.  Callie is such an awesome daughter.  Callie and I go together like peanut butter and honey.  She always enjoys visiting and viewing art all around the world with me.  Have a l👀k at some of our art fun!

Monet's lily pad fun!

Kusama fun!

Picasso fun!

Rembrandt fun!

Claes fun!

Magritte fun!

Fabulous daughter right here!  Looking forward to more art fun in our future.  

Ending with one of Callie's fav songs and bands...

Here is a little ditty about this concert...
For Callie's 22nd birthday, we got her tickets to see her fav band in Greenville, SC-
  The concert was actually on her birthday!
I tweeted to Pearl Jam to please play "Present Tense" because we were going to be at the concert and it was my daughter's birthday....and it was her fav!
And they did... 1:46:10 😊

Live in the Present Tense, folks...Like Callie!
I love ya, Callie!

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