Thursday, February 22, 2018

Here's Henry!

Who is Henry?   
Henry is an American artist who has been described as "Seattle's most prolific muralist."  He has painted over 180 murals and sold over 2,000 canvases.  For a complete bio, Click HERE!

How did I hear about Henry?
One of my dear students, Laney Blair, discovered Henry on a trip to Seattle.  She said that we just had to do some of his awesome art.  So, that is just what the kids did.

 For more information, Click HERE for Ryan Henry Ward website.

Here is a great time lapse video with Henry doing a mural.  

For Henry's YouTube Channel, Click HERE!


The project was done with 7th grade.

We looked into Henry and learned about his artwork.
The students picked a "Henry" piece and tried to make it their own.  I encouraged them to put their own twist on his work.  Some of the kids got this, others did not.

Have a L👀K:

One of the 7th graders loves this song. 
Have a listen.


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