Monday, August 8, 2016

Kyle's Idea That Led to The "Big Doodle" Interactive Bulletin Board

Hello, all you art teachers!  I know you are super busy, but I have a great idea for you.  Need an idea for a bulletin board in the upcoming year?  Well, a kid named Kyle inspired me to do a "big doodle" bulletin board. 

Kyle's Mom, Amy, posted this on my Facebook wall.  She said, "Kyle wants you to do this in your classroom and let the students color it."

Here is Kyle.  He will be in 7th Grade.  I mean, how could any art teacher say no to this super, cool kid?

So, I checked out the video below.  Wow, Elsa Rhae Creations!

Then, I got busy on my big doodle. 

The 3 photos above took about 2 hours.

Finally, after 2 more hours, I had the completed big doodle you see above.

But not really finally, because Kyle said, "...and let the kids color it."

How is this going to work?
Well, I velcroed markers to the bulletin board.
On the first day of school, I will explain the coloring process.  What is the process?  When the kids finish work early, they can go back and color the big doodle.  I'll re-post results in a month or so. 
So glad that I listened to what my man Kyle said! 

Let's try to better listeners this year and pay attention to the words of others.  You never know when or where a possible art idea may surface.  It just may be from a student like Kyle.

Here's Paul singing "Listen to What the Man Said."



  1. Love it! Adeline has coloring in her doodle books all summer!!! Does summer coloring count for summer reading?