Monday, August 22, 2016

Ellsworth Kelly Part 1-Second Grade

Why not start off the second grade year in art with Ellsworth Kelly?  

Here is a previous post on Ellsworth Kelly. (Fourth Grade Ellsworth Kelly Post 2015)


 I introduced Ellsworth Kelly.  He was born in New York, raised in New Jersey, studied art, joined Army, and then studied art again. (Click here for full Ellsworth Kelly Bio)
I showed a portion of this video. (click here for Ellsworth Kelly Video)

I had to do a little prep work for the project.
I cut the white squares  of base paper 11" x 11".
I then cut strips into various widths, but made them all 11" long.
Also, I cut different sized perfect squares.
And, I provided the kids with scissors to cut as they please.
Kids glued the colors of construction paper to white base paper.

I think the kids really got Ellsworth Kelly.
See the results below.

I love the squares and so did Elvis!
"You're So Square Baby I Don't Care" by Elvis.


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