Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sitting on Dr. Seuss

Need an auction item?
Need a fun desk for a kid?
Well, get a desk.
Choose your décor and paint!
Here is a Dr. Seuss desk for you to view.  I ran across this cute desk in Angie McKinley's kindergarten classroom.  This desk was done by Kayla Preston, Angie's friend.  She is a student attending Georgia College.  Kayla is majoring in Psychology, but I really think she should be majoring in ART!

Bottom front-

Top of desk-

Back of desk-


Seat of desk-

Top back of desk- 

Bottom back of desk-

Inside leg of desk-

Back and side of desk-

Front of desk-
This would be a great gift for a kid.  If I were gifting this desk, I would put a lot of Dr. Seuss themed items in the desk.  The possibilities are endless. 
But I am always out of time!
The Rolling Stones- "Out of Time"


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