Friday, March 5, 2010

Romero Britto Reindeer

Ok, I have  not lost my mind posting reindeer in March! But first, I must share that I was on my school computer and I ran across these photos in my files. I had forgotten that we had made them! So, do you know anything about Romero Britto? If not go to youtube at this link and you can bone up on him! I figure that most folks that are reading the blog (thank you) are creative...we are the visual spatial folks of the world and don't need a whole lot of explanation on how to tweak the lessons that we post and make them work for you. After all a picture is worth a 1,000 words! (And a good lesson plan shortener!)

With that being said- we made these PK4-5th grades 2 years ago at Christmas. They were a could be a 3x3, 5x5...etc. I had the squares cut for the kids. Made a demo. Introduced Britto and we create the antlers by using lot of patterns, lines and designs in the style of Britto. After they were finished, I took them and laminated them. Then we added wire and beads to them to be used for Christmas ornaments. Such a neat reminder of lower school art class for many years to come.

The neat thing about Britto is that he is alive and doing commissions now...check out what he did for Dylan's Candy Store (if you are a fan of the Cake Boss ...that was a fabulous cake they made for Dylan- she is Ralph Lauren's daughter) He would be a good unit to teach around Valentine's Day or any other holiday...this idea might make a really cool Easter Egg or beach ball for summer! Ohhhh the possibilities! Put your thinking cap on and if you have another idea about this artist to teach...comment and let me hear from ya! Happy Friday...

xoxo, Kim 1969

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