Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Turkey Potty Bandits and Santa's Secret Surprise

Ever pulled off the perfect prank on the perfect person?

Well, me and Potty Bandit Lea did just that.

Follow along on this story, if you like.  

You may want to make a potty trip yourself because the story is a bit long.

See the picture below?

(Left to Right-Lea, Lauren, Santa, and Me)

We all teach teach together.  Santa🎅 does not teach with us, but probably wishes he did.

Lea is the elementary music teacher.
Lauren is the lower school 4th and 5th grade chorus, middle school chorus, and upper school chorus teacher.
I am the old lady that teaches lower and middle school art, waters plants, gives mints out to everyone to help their breath smell better, provides gummy bears to 1st-8th grades to help the local dentists make a good living, paints stuff that is ugly to make it pretty, and provides art advice to the campus.

So, now that I have all that sorted out for you, I will get on with the story.  One day Lauren had to leave early because she is building a house🏡 and she had a closing, or a loan, or a something.  At this point in her house🏡 building process, I do not know which end is up.  Now, I must mention, while the house🏡 is being built, Lauren is living in a camper and has Mann Land Updates on YouTube.  CLICK HERE for Mann Land Update 1!  CLICK HERE for Mann Land Update #2!  CLICK HERE for Mann Land Update 3! I have heard about it until I am PURPLE in the face.  The camper stories have provided many opportunities for giggles over morning coffee🥤 with the ARTS Squad.

On the day Lauren had house🏡 duties, Lea did not have a car.🚗  Lea not having a car is strange and unusual.  Lea's family owns a car🚗 company.  Actually, they own multiple car🚗 companies.  Some of you may be asking if Lea's last name is Ford.  No, she is not related to Henry, but she does drive a Ford.

So Lea and her 2 sweet and awesome and amazing and artistic and fun kids👱👧, needed a ride home.  Being the kind person that I am (haha), I told her and the kids to hop in my car🚗 for the trip to their house.  Well, Lea and I tend to get a little distracted.  On the way home, Lea suggests that I drive by our local White House to see the Christmas🎄 decorations.  Unfortunately, if was not even Thanksgiving🦃 and there was nothing to oooooooo and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh over.  Being the agile driver that I am, I quickly wheeled down a side street.  As I was driving, I became distracted and I saw white potty sitting in some one's yard.  I continued to drive and the real distraction began.  I got to the stop sign. I stopped.  I tried to be a rule follower when kids are in the car.  I looked at Lea and I told her that I wanted to get the potty and take it to Lauren's land.

What happened next was the beginning of a month long prank.  Lea and I backed the car🚗 up and threw the potty into the back of my small suv.  Was it heavy?  Well, it was medium heavy with the two of us picking it up and chucking it in the car.  Some of you may be thinking, what were the kids doing?  Oddly enough, they were not really paying us much attention.  

We hit the interstate and headed for Mann Land.  I was not sure quite where she was building her house, but I had an idea.  We headed for the general direction and saw a sign out by the road that had the builder's name on it.  We both got really excited!  We had found the Mann Land!

Our next task was to figure out what to do with the potty.  Watching the many episodes of BBC crime shows, I knew we must consider carefully where we put the potty.  I remembered that the Mann's had installed a camera📹 on their camper.  You can often find Lauren viewing the building process throughout the day by using her camper camera app on her phone.  We decided it was best to leave the potty down the hill.  I did not want to risk getting caught after putting my hand inside a potty and gathering a plethora of germs under my fingernails.  

When we arrive🚗 at Mann Land, the kids realize that something big is about to happen.  They got more excited than 2 Elves on the Shelf before they come out to celebrate the Christmas🎄season.  We got the potty out and leaned it up against a tree🌳.  I looked at the potty.  Something was wrong.  The potty was not finished.  I remembered that I was an art teacher.  Artists leave their mark.  I grabbed 2 big sharpies out the the car and told the kids to get busy writing on the potty.  Oh, my favorite was Happy Thanksgiving🦃.  There were many potty words included, but potty words written on a potty are A-OK.  Also don't freak out, it's a leaf in the potty.

We leave the potty without getting our booties busted by the Mann family and head home with hearts💚 filled with happiness about leaving the porcelain princess👑 to greet the Manns.

Of course, when they arrive home.  Lauren begins texting about what they found sitting in their driveway.  And of course, we acted amazed and surprised! 

The following weeks were filled with accusations about the potty bandit.  I was accused over and over, but Lauren said they could not figure out how I had picked the potty up alone.

I thought of ways to reveal our prank and finally, the potty bandits would be revealed through...ART!

I searched for mini potties online.  Finally, I found this one and glazed it to look just like Lauren's special potty.  

You may want to go to your potty, grab another coffee, or move some clothes over to the dryer.  I told you that my story was long.

Now here is where the plot clots. (a preacher lady I knew with red hair used to say this)  Santa🎅always comes to school and has a pancake breakfast with the kids the day we get out for Christmas break.  The morning of the last day, I ran over and told Santa the whole story.  Santa🎅 loved the story.  He was a prankster himself.  Santa was all in for pulling off the final reveal of the Turkey Potty Bandits.  

I gave Santa🎅 three wrapped gifts.  He placed them by his chair.  I told him that the 3 elves would be coming to have their picture made with him.  After the picture was made, he would grab the 3 gifts by his chair.  I told him to make sure he gave Lauren the one with the striped Georgia Bulldog paper.  Lea and I would take the two other gifts that were wrapped alike.  See the gifts in the picture below?  I drew blue arrows.

Now why were we dressed as Elves?  I do not know.  I just wanted us to dress as Elves.  I had an Elf costume and I wanted to wear it.  Once I got the other 2 to go along with dressing like an Elf and Amazon Prime cooperated, there was no stopping the reveal of the potty pranksters.

I begged Lea and Lauren to go have our picture made with Santa🎅.  Lea was in because she knew what was going on.  Lauren was kind of freaking out about sitting on Santa's🎅 lap.  Once she realized she could stand by Santa🎅, the party was on.  I think she had a bad childhood experience on Santa's lap.🙎

The plan was executed.  Lauren was given the gift.  She opened the gift.  I was more excited about her seeing her potty ornament than I was when I got Stretch Armstrong in third grade!!!

I really think it took a moment for it to sink in, but she SAID that she knew that we had done it all the time.  Now folks, she did not know.  Lea kept a secret.  Her kids kept a secret.  I kept a secret.  She did not know.  The secret was bound with a pinkie promise and a pinkie promise means something to potty pranksters.   

You may ask yourself, where is the potty now?  Unfortunately, Troy (Lauren's hubs) moved the potty and broke it.  He did not break the lid, so the lid of the potty was given to Lauren's aunt.  She had recently broken her potty lid and needed a replacement..  You can tell by the Aunt's smile that she loves her new potty lid.  After all, it was an antique.

Once Auntie Anne got the lid, she went to work cleaning!  She used some amazing products and got the lid "Spic and Span".  There were problems though.  The potty lid was too big and the wrong color, but she said she must use the lid because after all, it was an antique!

Is this a good story or what?  This story is jammed-packed full of fun and good stuff.  You got art.  You got patience.  You got recycling.  You got ADD when driving a car.  You got an antique.  You got Santa Claus.  You got weight lifting.  You got some critical thinking.  You got some germs. You got pancakes at the Santa Breakfast.  You got a smiling Aunt Anne.   

The best thing you got?

You got friends working together and having fun.  

Ending with Cyndi.


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