Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Seeds of Happiness Dude Post

How cute are these little lights?  My friend gave me these for Christmas and I just love them!  I love the story behind this cool gift even more!  These were made by the Seeds of Happiness dude.  Ever hear of the Seeds of Happiness dude?  Well have a read:
Seeds of Happiness started out as leftover lumps of clay I made into little smiles to give to friends who were going through hard times and needed a little smile.That was in 2006, since then I have given out thousands of smiles to folks, a handful at a time. In turn, they share them and the story with their friends in need of a smile.Then, those people share with more friends and keep the story going. The Seeds are all over the planet by now. I receive a lot of e-mails with photos and stories showing how these little Seeds made a difference to someone. From Africa to the land down under, the Seeds have been planted and smiles have been resurrected for people who need them. Seems a lot of people need smiles these days. Share a Smile – help me spread Seeds of Happiness. 
Mark Borella“The Seeds of Happiness Guy”

 Have a L👀k!

I think if we all thought like Mark, the world would be a happier place.  Find a way to pass on something and make a difference in one person at a time.  Maybe your kindness will come back to you in whatever you need at the time.  Remember, what you want is not always what you need.  Mick told you that back in 1969.

This about sums it all up.

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