Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wine Bottles - Recycled Art

Yes, I had many wine bottles donated to the art room and over the years we have made many things from them so I wanted to share. This elephant was made by using paper mache and acrylic paint. I think it turned out rather cool!
In class the kids had to pick some animal or bird to make their creation for this paper mache unit. These 2 were pretty clever with a cat and a penguin.

With this collection, Art club made ceramic clay ornaments and strung beads on the spray painted bottles and regular bottles. We added a spout so they could be used as dish soap dispensers or olive oil. 
Some Art Clubbers got really detailed with the beads and wanted to use the really small seed beads.
Here are a few links to other ideas that we have already blogged on:
We melted the wine bottles in the kiln
How it works....
1) Show an example of finished product
2) Collect bottles of all kinds
3) Soak in sink to get labels off
4) Peel or scrape labels off of bottles
5) Add extra coating of kiln wash to kiln
6) Fire kiln at 017 with a hold of any where from 10 to 30
7) Take out of kiln and Take home =)
 These are a few ideas for you to have with Earth Day just around the corner!

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