Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Art Camp-Growing a Cactus or 2 with Watercolor, Alcohol, and Salt

This project was snagged off of Pinterest.  Since we were doing art camp, we added a little salt and alcohol to get a few wows from the kids.

The Cacti Project 

Talk about cactuses being shapes.  Since we live in Georgia, we decided to buy a cactus plant at Walmart for our little campers to see.  We really do not have a lot of cacti growing in our area. 
Kids draw basic shapes with pencil.
When kids get the basic cactus plant drawn, they will need to draw lines and x's on each cactus.
Many kids learned that they had put too many details with pencil, but they all stuck with the project. 

We took a lunch break.

After lunch, the kids began to paint with watercolor.
They were given salt and alcohol.
They just pinched salt with their fingers and put on the paper.
The alcohol was in small cups and they dipped Q-tips in the alcohol.
Then, they squeezed the alcohol off the Q-tip on their artwork.

Lots of oohs and ahhs with this cool effect.


Of course, alcohol and salt reminds me of a song. 


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