Thursday, February 1, 2024

Painted Polar Peek-a-Boo with Pre-K

Welcome to the frosty wonderland of the Arctic with our exciting pre-kindergarten art lesson plan idea, "Painted Polar Peek-a-Boo." This engaging activity is designed to introduce young learners to the magic of painting while exploring the world of polar bears in their snowy habitat. Through this lesson, artists will not only enhance their fine motor skills but also develop an understanding of colors and techniques, focusing on the use of white and black paint.


  • Introduce preschoolers to basic painting techniques using white and black paint.
  • Foster creativity and imagination through the theme of polar bears playing peek-a-boo in the snow.
  • Develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Materials Needed:

  1. White and black washable tempera paint
  2. Large sheets of light blue construction art paper
  3. Paintbrushes (assorted sizes)
  4. Water cups and palettes for mixing
  5. Smocks or old shirts for each child
  6. Polar bear reference sheets

Lesson Plan Format:

  1. Begin by gathering the children in a circle and discussing the theme of the day and demo: polar bears playing peek-a-boo in the snow. Show pictures or illustrations to spark their curiosity and excitement.
  2. Talk about the colors associated with the Arctic environment. Emphasize the use of white for snow and black for facial details. Ask questions like, "What color is snow?" and "What features do polar bears have?"
  3. Show the children how to hold a paintbrush and demonstrate basic techniques, such as making strokes, dots, and swirls. Discuss the importance of using a light touch when using white for snow and a careful approach when adding black details.
  4. Allow the children to explore their creativity. Provide them with large sheets of blue paper and a variety of paintbrushes. Encourage them to paint a snowy background with polar bears playing peek-a-boo from bottom of the page. Assist when needed but emphasize the freedom to express themselves.
  5. Create a gallery / bulletin board of the completed artworks. If time allows a good closure is to have each child share their creation with the class, describing the elements they incorporated, such as snow, polar bears, and facial details.
  6. Instruct the children to clean their brushes and hands using water cups and provide a designated area for smocks. Stress the importance of cleaning up after themselves. This spirals from week to week. Conclude the lesson by discussing the experience. Ask questions like, "What was your favorite part?" and "How did you use white and black paint in your artwork?"

Other Ideas:

  • To enhance the lesson, read a short story or show a video about polar bears and their Arctic habitat. Collaborate with the classroom teacher.
  • Integrate math by counting polar bears or snowflakes in their paintings.
  • Incorporate movement by playing a polar bear-themed song during the activity.

"Painted Polar Peek-a-Boo" offers a delightful blend of creativity, imagination, and skill development. Through this engaging lesson plan, pre-kindergarten children will not only create beautiful artworks but also embark on an exciting journey into the icy world of polar bears. We appreciate Cathy Hicks for sharing this lesson with us.



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