Monday, September 26, 2022

Abstact Art Unit in Middle School

What is abstract art? I found a quick YouTube video to explain how this looks. We decided to unpack what abstract art looks like. I took the students through pre-defined steps to create a piece of abstract art, even though they are using the same steps all of the student artwork will turn out differently. We reviewed the emotions of line, shapes and color. A really good resource for me was A Space To Create with Sabrina Wingren. Students were given specific directions on how many lines and shapes. Yes, we followed a formula for this. We decided to use oil pastels and focus on our blending techniques. Honestly, within this lesson - there were so many teachable moments and angles to come at it. You just need to decide what part of the NAEA standards you are trying to cover and make it work! I am pleasently pleased with the finished pieces.


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