Saturday, August 20, 2022

Bob Ross Lesson 1-Happy Little Sky

You would think there would be lots of Bob Ross lessons out in cyberspace, but not so much, folks.  

I used this lesson for the first of year for my elementary and middle school students.  I wanted everyone to know who Bob Ross was in the world of art.

First thing I did was purchase a large cut-out of Bob Ross and put it outside my classroom.
Have a look:

I purchased from Amazon and Bob was supposed to talk, but he has not said a word yet.  Maybe I can figure that out by Halloween.

Bob Ross was an interesting person.  I think that he did not get a fair shot to make the big bucks that he deserved.  You should check out Netflix for the Bob Ross movie before teaching the lesson.  As of today, August 20, 2022, it is still on Netflix.  I did not show this video to my elementary and middle school students.  

The Details

To start my Bob Ross teaching process, I introduced him with a few videos.

Once I showed the video on how to make a sky with acrylics, I went to the easel and got the kids to follow my instructions to create the sky!

The loved the magic of the white and blue blending process.  Of course, some added way to much water to smooth out the acrylic.

Fun lesson to begin the year.

Love the paper palette we created for the project!

❤, 1965


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